Crimson Confederation

The Crimson Confederation was the last real power on the island of luminite. A loose confederation of city states that had united under the rule of old gods.  While many people made up the various city states the armies and rulership was made up of dwarves.

The Crimson Confederations rule was a brutal one in which humans were enslaved, abused, and otherwise mistreated.  The ways of the Confederation were ancient. They spoke of Bestial Gods, and at night performed human sacrifice to appease them.

Though strong, and fierce, as years went on the humans began to greatly out number the dwarves.  Near the beginning of the fall of the Crimson Empire, the dwarven numbers had begun to greatly dwindle. This was largely due to disease, famine and battles against human resistance.

When the Golden Sun Empire finally did stand and conquer, it fought a force of only five hundred dwarves.   Though rumours circulate that some of the dwarves may have escaped the hunts and battle, it is unknown. If they are alive, the few that survived, have become very good at hiding.  Even to this day a large bounty is offered for the head of any dwarf.

Crimson Confederation

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