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Avanor is a fantasy realm consisting of two large landmasses. One named Luminite and the other Shaderian.  It is full of flowing rivers and jagged moutains, the cities are nestled into valleys.

Luminite is the civilized landmass while Shaderian is in process of being colonized by force.  A process which has slowed with the current internal struggle.

Avanor is a land covered in a perpetual darkness. There is no sunlight, but there is many light sources through magical means. Magical Latern's known as Golden Lamps provide adventuers and cities with light.

 Three Kingdoms contest for rulership of Luminite. They are made up of a variety of fiefdoms and function in a Feudal State. Currently two of the Kingdoms are at War, with a Third staying neutral at present. The war is known as War of the Suns.

The Kingdoms are ruled by the children of the last King of the Golden Sun Empire. While the largest city on Luminite, Dumik is ruled by the remnants of the Council.

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