Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms refers to the kingdoms that now rule the land of Luminite.  Each one is ruled by a queen, a daughter of the last king, and each is independent of the other.

Although a variety of names exsisted at first the locals began calling each one a particular color of Sun, and the names stuck.

The large kingdom is the southern Kingdom of the Blue Sun. It is ruled by Queen Rebecca. Her neutral stance, and predictions have led many to flock to her. She also managed to gain the largest amount from the Golden Raid. It streches South from the Southern Sea to the northern Valley of Crimson.  On it's West lies the Broken Shore while to the East lies Port Allura. Her Kingdom consists of seven fiefdoms, each one ruled by a Elder Baron.

The middle Kingdom  holds all of Luminite's central land with the noteable exception fo Dumik. It is referred to as the Kingdom of the Red Sun.  It is ruled by Queen Rosette. An aggressive queen whose constant military dominance has done well against the many hostile groups that dwell in the central regions, including her elder sister. It rules from to the South the northern tip of the Valley of Crimson to the North it holds all land up to the Lost Swamp. To it's West lies the Broken Shore, and to it's East lies the Golden Shore. Her Kingdom consists of four fiefdoms, each one ruled by a Ancestor Count.

Third is the Kingdom of the Yellow Sun. It is ruled by the most favored and youngest of the daughters, Queen Riva. Her war with Rosette has gone poorly of late, and she has lost much land. However her ideals of virtue and honor make her supporters staunchly loyal and well disciplined.  What her kingdom lacks in size and strength it has in resources.  The largest gold and silver mines exsist to the north.  Her Kingdom streches from the Azure Sea to the North down to the Thunder Moutains of the South. East lies the Golden Jungle while to the west is the deadly Broken Rift.


The middle and third kingdom, ruled by Rosette and Riva, The Kingdom of the Red Sun, and the Kingdom of the Yellow sun are currently at war with one another.  Both sides have multiple efforts both diplomatcially and otherwise to gain an alliance with Rebecca. To this day though Rebecca claims she has no place in the matter,stating the Green Prophecy is of far more importance. Many fear though that if Rosette continues to win, she will soon set her sights on Rebecca next.


Three Kingdoms

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