War of the Suns

War of the Suns refers to the local war on the Continent of Luminite that has raged for five long brutal years.

The northern Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Yellow Sun, ruled Queen Riva waged war against the Middle Kingdom, The Kingdom of the Red Sun ruled by Queen Rosette.  At the time it was her claim that she as the most favored should rule in her father's stead, as his chosen daughter.

Queen Rosette's honorable alliance with the furious warriors of the North made her a formidable opponent. Her supplies of gold and silver were used to gather even more support through naval superiority.

Queen Riva started the war with a handful of cults and madmen, but her agressive nature combined with her fearsome single combat skills made her a deadly opponent.

The First Campaign, was referred to as Crusade of Truth by both sides.  While countless skirmishes happened the true moment was defined at the Battle of the Lost. A battle in which Rosette's forces, confident in ability and previous victories moved into the land now known as the "Lost Swamp".  Riva used her magics and trickery to concieve a deadly ambush in the thick of the bog. In one fell swoop Rosette lost half of her standing armies and her armies lost morale and confidence.

The Second Campaign, often called Shadows of Night. Though less a campaign and more of a slaughter, it refers to the systematic retreat of Rosette's forces and the constant pursuit and night attacks by Riva.  Rosette's forces would have been utterly crushed if not for the Battle of Storms. During which Rosette on a moutain called to the storm gods of old and thunder sundered the skies crushing and scattering Riva's armies.

At present Rosette's forces are small and while they hold great martial ability and loyalty they lack the determination or magical abilities of Riva's forces.  Under the direction of Leon, the elder of war, they focus on securing passes and trying to make more use of the few forces they have left. Though most people think it is only a matter of time before Riva crushes them as well.

Riva's armies at present are merely scared. She has recently hired a rather cruel mercenary general by the name of Verigon. He has used wicked examples and painful tortures to get the fanatics and cultists back in line.  Her attacks at the moment are small, but Riva has already begun to set her sights on bigger goals, such as her other sister's large domains of land.

War of the Suns

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